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DVD & Video Ordering

To order DVDs for use during training please use the DVD order form here, to be returned to solihull.approach@heartofengland.nhs.uk

Please note that all DVDs (with the exception of 'Conor: Deciphering Antisocial Behaviour') can be purchased from supplier websites, which are listed below, but that our costs absorb postage and packaging, VAT and import charges.

To purchase DVDs via supplier websites:

Brave New World ('baby brain')
from the Channel 4 series 'Body Story' in
Baby It's You: the first three years           www.amazon.co.uk

                                                                     Beckmann Visual Publishing 
                                                                     01624 816777

First Years Last Forever                             www.store.parentsactionstore.org         

[Please note there are considerable P&P and import charges for this item.]                        

The Social Baby                                             NSPCC Publications
                                                                       Weston House, 42 Curtain Road
                                                                       London, EC2A 3NH
                                                                 Or: www.socialbaby.com

The Social Toddler                                         www.socialbaby.com

Conor – Deciphering
Antisocial Behaviour                                    
Contact Solihull Approach office                                      
[The Solihull Approach has copyright permission to distribute single copies of this DVD free of charge for training purposes only. It cannot be purchased elsewhere.]

Information for some parent/child view leaflets for parenting in Bengali, Chinese, Gugarti, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Welsh and Polish can be found for free here.

Free Child Psychotherapy Trust Leaflets available from: www.understandingchildhood.net