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Health Trainer

The Health Trainer Service is a relatively new development in the primary care prevention sector of the NHS.

What is a Health Trainer?

Health Trainers offer one-to-one support, motivation and information to anyone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle change.

For example, we can help you quit smoking, build more physical activity into your daily routine or make healthier food choices.

What are lifestyle changes?

Lifestyle changes are actions taken by YOU to become emotionally and physically healthier.

What the Health Trainer will do:

  • Work with you one-to-one
  • See you in the community at a time and place to suit you (for example, at You+ in Chelmsley Wood)
  • Help you put together a plan to achieve your goals
  • Put you in touch with other types of support if you need it

Is the Health Trainer Service confidential?

Yes (everything is between you and the Health Trainer).

How much does it cost?

FREE! Support is provided for up to a year and it is recommended that you have up to six meetings in this time.

Who can see the Health Trainers?

Anyone aged 18 and above who lives in Chelmsley Wood, Fordbridge, Smiths Wood or Kingshurst.

Have I got to do what the Health Trainer says?

The Health Trainer will provide help and support but the decisions and changes are always up to you.

Find out more

  • Tell your doctor or practice nurse that you would like to see a Health Trainer
  • Your doctor or practice nurse will complete a referral form and send it to the Health Trainer team
  • The Health Trainer will then contact you with a meeting time

Remember, the Health Trainer is here to help and will support you with your decisions.

  • The Health Trainer will chat informally and confidentially with you. They will agree with you what actions and steps you would like to take.
  • You may find it helpful to ask the Health Trainer some questions. It may be useful preparing these in note form.
  • You can discuss any worries or concerns that you may have. This is very important.

The service is based at You+ in Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre. We look forward to seeing you.