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The Solihull Approach promotes emotional health and well being in children and families. The model supports practitioners to work with children and families and supports parents and foster carers to understand their child.

The Solihull Approach team provides training and resource packs for the children's workforce, from midwives and health visitors to teachers. The Solihull Approach also provides a parenting course 'Understanding your child's behaviour', an antenatal parenting course 'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby' and a foster carer's course 'Understanding your foster child'.

The Solihull Approach is an evidence based model with a strong theoretical foundation. Thousands of practitioners have been trained across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Practitioners have also been trained in several other countries.

***Journalist Emily Rogers in Children & Young People Now: her experience of a Solihull Approach 'Understanding your child's behaviour' course and our UK culture of parenting.***

See 'Lessons in Parenting' in 8th July 2014 edition of Children & Young People Now magazine.

As of 9th July 2014:

Tel: 0121 296 4448
Fax: 0121 770 0335

Solihull Approach
Bishop Wilson Clinic
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The Solihull Approach online course for parents and the face-to-face course 'Understanding your child's behaviour' were the first courses to receive the new Department for Education CANparent Quality Mark for parenting courses at the launch of the Quality Mark in the House of Commons.

The Minister for Children and Families, Edward Timpson, presented the award to Hazel Douglas with Mary Rheeston and Karen Bateson from the Solihull Approach Team.

Click here to find out more about the Quality Mark.

We also have a website specifically for parents -

Click here to download a leaflet for parents on their teenagers' brain development


The Solihull Approach began in 1996 by joint working between health visitors, clinical psychologists and child psychotherapists in Solihull, lead by Dr Hazel Douglas. The approach was initially designed for health visitors to work with families with children with feeding, sleeping, toileting and behaviour difficulties, but it rapidly developed further and is now used by a wide range of professionals from different agencies to work with families. The Solihull Approach model provides professionals with a framework for thinking about children's behaviour that develops practice and can support effective and consistent approaches across agencies.

Comprehensive Solihull Approach Resource Packs available include: The Solihull Approach - The First Five Years, The Solihull Approach - The School Years, The Solihull Approach - resource pack for workers involved with fostering and adoption and The Solihull Approach - resource pack for midwives and others working in antenatal and newborn services.

Training Courses

Training in the Solihull Approach includes Solihull Approach Foundation 2-day training and Training the Trainers for professionals who would like to cascade to colleagues in their local area. There is a specialist Foundation 2-day training for antenatal teams and one for fostering and adoption teams. We provide Early Years training for nursery workers and childminders. A training is available for parents training as peer breastfeeding supporters. There is a Whole School training for all staff within a school. All these trainings are available as a cascade model.

Courses for parents and carers

The Solihull Approach has developed a 10 session Solihull Approach Parenting Course for age range 0 - 18 years entitled 'Understanding your child's behaviour'. A one-day Solihull Approach Parenting Group Facilitators' training and manual are available for practitioners.

An online version of the course for parents is now available: click here to learn more.

A five session Antenatal Parenting Group is proving popular with both fathers and mothers: 'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby'.

A course for foster carers 'Understanding your foster child' is being used in different areas of the UK.

The Solihull Approach have trained professionals in Solihull and in over 100 areas across the UK.

Please note our new phone number and address (as of 9th July 2014):

Tel: 0121 296 4448
Fax: 0121 770 0335

Solihull Approach
Bishop Wilson Clinic
8 Craig Croft
Chelmund's Cross
Chelmsley Wood
B37 7TR